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Embossing, Metallic, Flakes And More
Closure Embossing - Macek Technika


Personalize your product

Personalize your product using embossing!

Delivering a personalized customer experience in today’s competitive market is becoming a must-have more and more.

We offer the possibility of personalizing your lids by embossing your logo with an embossing mould-plate. This works for both matte lid with high gloss logo or a high gloss lid with matt logo.

Purchasing an embossing plate goes through several stages. The first phase is the design phase. Here we focus on designing the composition of your logo. We make several proposals from which you can choose the one that best suits your brand.

Personalizing your brand through embossing? Get in touch and we will be happy to inform you further.

Matt - Gloss

closures for PET and PE jars

Whether you need high gloss closures or matt closures, our 70mm and 100mm closures are both available in high gloss and matt.

Screwcap Sustainable Flakes

Sustainable Flakes

with cellulose

The flakes in this finish are made of cellulose, a naturally occurring polymer.

metallic look

Get the perfect colormatch

Since metal prices are getting more expensive, it’s a more economical choice to switch to a plastic cap instead of a metal one.

Screwcap Metallic Look
Screwcap Marble Finish


for a natural look

A luxurious finish which gives our closure a natural, stone-like look. The subtle speckles in this finish can be of any color of choice.

coming soon

bio-based materials


Bio-based PP is a plastic manufactured from renewable resources (including biomass), but with the same chemical properties as traditional PP.

  • Raw material obtained from natural sources such as potato starch or other biomass
  • Products made from bio-based material can still be classified as food-safe.

It is easily collected in household recycling and can be recycled several times with stable quality.