Specialized in the manufacturing of Closures and technical Injection Moulding Parts
Screwcaps SP400

Closure SP400

Suitable for PET and PE jars

MT-Products specializes in the manufacturing of closures suitable for PET and PE jars.
Our range consists of 38mm, 45mm, 70mm and 100mm lids and can come with different seals.

We offer our lids in every color imaginable with various finishes. With our knowledge and flexibility we differentiate ourselves in the market.

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Suitable for pET and PE Jars

Our closures come with different types of seals which are suitable for both PET and PE jars and also suitable for various types of content.

More information on the features and specifications of our seals can be found on the products page. Take a look at our range.

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SC70 + PS21 Seal


Where you can find our products

Our products can be found in a variety of markets and are used for different kinds of applications.


Your products made by using our no-nonsense development concept, from start to finish.

Whether you have an idea on sketch or a complete 3D model, we will think with you from start to finish. With our 30+ years of experience in plastic product development, we can take on any challenge (and we love challenges).

From 3D Model to Final Product
Screwcap Carbon Free Black

sustainable plastics

And Social Responsibility


In recent years, as a manufacturing company, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable and ecological business. This has stimulated us to look at the possibilities and adapt to new developments in the field of eco-efficiency and sustainability.

about us

Since 1973.

Macek Technika has been a leading player in the plastic products market since 1973.
In 1995 Macek Technika started manufacturing their own high-quality plastic products.

We work with machines from 40 up to 200 tons of clamping force.
In addition to manufacturing being our top priority, we also run an assembly and packaging department.

Naomi Macek en Hugo Macek