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Custom made Closure

Fytality combines the traditional knowledge with the technical possibilities of today.
They create high quality, natural curcumin shots.
Thanks to their new technology, their curcumin creates a bond with pure water, ensuring ideal absorption in the body.

Fytality was in need of a custom made, branded closure for their unique bottles filled with curcumin water. We helped them design and manufacture their branded closure.


using our 70mm Closure

Pregel is a large international company creating cutting-edge products for the gelato, pastry and beverage sectors. Our 70mm closure offers them the perfect solution for their products packed in jars.

kuijpers PETfood

using our 70mm Closure

Kuijpers PETFood is a large manufacturer of many different types of pet food. They have been using our 70mm closure for their bird peanut butter for years.