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Different sizes, colors, Finishes and Seals
Screwcaps SP400 - Different Sizes

Closure SP400

closures for PET and PE jars

Macek Technika offers several popular sizes of closures for PET, PE and glass jars such as 38, 45, 70 and 100 mm in different finishes.

A suitable closure for your plastic jars can be found at Macek Technika. Our strength lies in our production flexibility, short delivery times and supplying custom colored caps. We supply various customers and distributors throughout Europe in different markets.

Any color closure

Get the perfect colormatch

We produce in every color imaginable. Here is where our strength and flexibility lies. Our closures roll off our production belts in any desired color. Smaller runs are no problem for us either. You can order a new color from as little as one pallet.

Need a new color?

Explore our Color Matching Service to see how we can accurately match any color you need.

SC45 Colorwheel
Screwcap SC70 - PCR Material


Post Consumer Recycled Plastic

PCR plastic (Post Consumer Recycled Plastic) is a sustainable packaging solution that is currently gaining popularity in efforts to reduce the environmental impact of product waste. CircularRecover PP300P LyondellBasell is a polypropylene copolymer in granular form for injection moulding applications. The grade combines rigidity, impact resistance and flow sorted from household plastic waste.
According to the requirements of ISO 14021:2016, CirculenRecover PP300P LyondellBasell contains at least 99% recycled material based entirely on Post-Consumer Waste ( from pre-sorted municipal plastic waste filtration level is 150 µm. Volatiles according to ASTM D6980 @ 120°C are < 0.2%.
With our advanced colouring machines, we can colour the material to almost any colour with or without special effects (flakes, spackled). Contact us and ask about the possibilities.
Other benefits
Reusing already made plastic is a process of waste reduction. Moreover, processing the used plastic requires less water, less fossil fuels and less energy. Using PCR Plastic also has indirect benefits:
  • Up to 85% less CO2 emissions
  • Less consumption of fossil fuels
  • Helps create a circular economy
  • Less water consumption
  • Less energy consumption
  • Fully recyclable
  • Less waste

This product is not intended for strictly regulated applications, including food contact applications, drinking water, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Closure Finishes

embossing, Metallic, Flakes and more

Our closure finishes can make a big difference to the final look and feel of your product.
We offer a wide range of finishes to choose from. Such as matt or gloss, logo embossing, marble look and much more. This way you can completely match your closure with your product.

Screwcaps SP400 Embossing
SC70 EPE Liner 400


high quality seals from selig

We offer a wide range of high quality seals for your jars and bottles. From Tamper Evident to FDA regulations compliant seals. Our seals are suitable for PET, PE and Glass.


Screwcap Expert


it isn't just a screwcap, it's a perfect seal on your product. and i know exactly what you need.