Post Consumer Recycled Plastic – CirculenRecover PP300P LyondellBasell

PCR plastic (Post Consumer Recycled Plastic) is a sustainable packaging solution that is currently gaining popularity in efforts to reduce the environmental impact of product waste. CircularRecover PP300P LyondellBasell is a polypropylene copolymer in granular form for injection moulding applications. The grade combines rigidity, impact resistance and flow sorted from household plastic waste.


According to the requirements of ISO 14021:2016, CirculenRecover PP300P LyondellBasell contains at least 99% recycled material based entirely on Post-Consumer Waste ( from pre-sorted municipal plastic waste filtration level is 150 µm. Volatiles according to ASTM D6980 @ 120°C are < 0.2%.


With our advanced colouring machines, we can colour the material to almost any colour with or without special effects (flakes, spackled). Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Other benefits

Reusing already made plastic is a process of waste reduction. Moreover, processing the used plastic requires less water, less fossil fuels and less energy. Using PCR Plastic also has indirect benefits:

This product is not intended for strictly regulated applications, including food contact applications, drinking water, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

SC70 Screwcaps made of PCR Material