Eco-Efficiency And Sustainability

The demand for the recyclability of our caps has increased among our customers over time.

In recent years we have become aware of the importance of sustainable and ecological business. This has stimulated us to look at the possibilities and adapt to new developments in the field of eco-efficiency and sustainability.

With carbon free black you contribute to lower waste production and less pollution.

New sorting lines today are based on automated sorting systems.
These systems use NIR (Near Infra Red) detection. NIR detection are essentially infrared rays. The NIR sensor separates different plastic types such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester. A predetermined plastic type is blown out of the product stream by an NIR separator.

As soon as colored plastic parts contain carbon, the NIR rays are absorbed.
This causes, in this case, the lids to be poorly detected and therefore not properly separated from each other. As a result the recyclability is lost.

Our new Carbon Free Black, as the name implies, contains no carbon.
The big advantage of this is that our closure, with this finish, are now NIR (Near Infra-Red) detectable, and thus become recyclable in recycling facilities.

Screwcap Carbon Free Black